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I’m about to ufcking piss

rip in pieces

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I wanted to … make [Rorschach] as like, ‘this is what Batman would be in the real world’. But I have forgotten that actually to a lot of comic fans, ‘smelling’, ‘not having a girlfriend’, these are actually kind of heroic! So Rorschach became the most popular character in Watchmen. I made him to be a bad example. But I have people come up to me in the street and saying: ‘I AM Rorschach. That is MY story’. And I’d be thinking: ‘Yeah, great. Could you just, like, keep away from me, never come anywhere near me again as long as I live?’
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The big lie about capitalism is that everyone can be rich. That’s impossible. Capitalism works only if the vast majority of the population are kept poor enough to never quit working, are kept poor enough to accept distasteful jobs society cannot function without. If everyone were a millionaire, who would empty the trash or repair the sewers? It follows that the poorer the general population is made, the greater the worth of the money held by the wealthy, in terms of the lives which may be bought and sold with it.
— Michael Rivero (via liberatingreality)
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shakespeare’s characters are more or less equally divided between “DO IT FOR THE VINE” and “YOU HAD ONE JOB”

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  • last specter: IMMA GO TALK TO THAT MOUSE
  • miracle mask: IMMA GO TALK TO THAT TIGER
  • azran legacies: IMMA GO TALK TO THAT HUGE BIRD
  • curious village: I have such a keen connection with animals not like talking or anything like that but perhaps I can coax this cat into returning to the manor with us
  • diabolical box: IMMA GO TALK TO THAT COW
  • unwound future: IMMA GO TALK TO THAT BEE
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1956- Gordon Parks documented the everyday lives of an extended black family living in rural Alabama under Jim Crow segregation for Life magazine’s photo-essay “The Restraints: Open and Hidden.” (via)


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#himym #reason 592 why the ending was horrible
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#ferguson #actual journalism

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